i cant live without internet and my PC


that’s absolutely true…

for me my PC and internet connection at my home is the most important things that makes me survive in this monotonous life 😦

aargh! everyday i have to go to that sucks school, then get back to home at 4, doing all of my school stuff, and the next day…

i just repeat the same thing.. aaah!! this will makes me crazy..

how can a going 17 years old girl having such a sucks life??

theeeen.. the only things that can cheer me up are my PC with the net connection.

but, i can’t touch my PC and the net everyday 😦

as a student, i have to do all of my school assignment, plus i have very very very strict father that doesn’t allow me to touch the PC..

arrrgghhh!!! how can’t i survive without it..

he only makes me crazy and depressed…

and also my brother and my sister, they hates me if i sit in front of the PC..

it’s very hard to online at my home, there are six eyes watching whatever i do.. it’s annoy me..

i guess they want me getting crazy without my internet..

aaah, i hope i can enter the university that i want..

i think it’s very nice living far from my family :-0

and also i can meet lot of new friend>_<


that day, please come>_<


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