downloading NewS [DVD] almost kill me

(Actually i wanna post it Last night at 3.15 am, but my connection getting error)

aaah, sekarang jam 3.15 dini hari waktu Indonesia Barat.

dan aku yang diizinkan main internet sampe pagi walau cuma di malam minggu gak may nyia nyiain kesempatan dong.

tapi bukan berarti aku mau main sampe pagi..

tapi ini demi download NewS [DVD] MC part di tokyo dome..

dan itu amboy lama banget downloadnya, ditambah lagi dengan send error report yang diberi Microsoft yang rese abis..


tapi ini demi NewS, semangat!!!

In English:

now 3.15 am in my town..

finally my father allowed me to use internet from afternoon till morning on saturday night,

of course i’ll use it as brilliant as i can.. but, i dont really want to play till morning..

i’m downloading NewS [DVD] MC part in Tokyo Dome..

it’s quite big but that’s not the problem..

there’s something wrong with my computer and it forced me to re-dl it again and again..

i feel sleepy..

but for NewS, i will survive!!



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