My Basketball match

Yesterday our team had a match with another Hgh School team.

Argh!!  i hate it, their team came late more than 1 hour. we made appointment that we will have the match at 7 a.m, but they came at 8.30 a.m!!

and before they came, we practiced for while and guess what? we were getting tired before the match.

And this is one factor that made us lose.

ugh!! their team has a big center player, it kinda scared me, because i’m the center too (you know i’m 175 cm tall?? they said that the position really good for me).

Her name is “Jumbo!!!” just like her name, she has Jumbo size.

Black skin with harsh tongue, she pissed me off!!

OMG!! how could we lose in this match, and our coach mad at us..

i believe it’s because we’re not practicing much, we are very lazy.. especially me.

Umm.. but, by this match, i don’t want to lose anymore.


and i will practice much for my school basketball name.

Yosh!! Faitooooo!! OOOH!!


*my team like this sentence “we must win the style although we fail in the chance”


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