She is..

_My Sister_


Her name is Anggi but she likes people call her Anggisa or something else.. She has mother character (hahah!!) and i love it.

She often buy me manything, lovely sister.

But i hate her when she got command to manage the using of internet in my home.. She gives me order not to play internet in school day. she only allowed me to use it on Saturday night!!!

I sleep with her, but she doesn’t want to keep our room clean, and i must keep it clean if i don’t want my mom turn into a dragon.. She loves to follow me in internet! if i have an account somewhere, she want to make one for her too (luckyly she doesn’t like blogging) She’s very close with my dad..

If we go shopping together, she always treat me when we go to food court (yay!!) sometimes she is Very childish!!

I hate it!! when i wrote this, she’s sleeping with stupid face (nyahahahha!!) and she doesn’t know i made it, and also i play internet without her permission..

i’m sure that one day i will take the internet from her so i can play it as long as i want!!

aaargh!! sometimes i HATE her!!


_My Craziest Friend_

her name is Pipit, but i like to call her everything i want.. really crazy friend!!! can’t resist her crazy-ness.. she can be very friendly with everyone.. her face said that she’s kind of spoiled child, but it doesn’t true.. very talkative!! stay away from her or she will punch u like she always done to me and what i always done to her too>_< (hahahha!!) she’s my partner in crime!!


_Devill Ella_


her name is Ella!! crazy girl! don’t say she’s cute before u know her! her laugh just like a devil..

she doesn’t like Japanese/korean actor/actress.

she likes to make joke bout tegoshi (ugHhhh!!)

my partner in crimes too..

_Very Childish girl_


Adis, that what we call her.. very childish no wonder coz she’s younger than us. i like to share bout NewS or dorama with her.. she like to punch me, of course i’ll punch her back!! hahha!

_Lil bit Misterious Girl_


she’s Tia~ first time u meet her, u’ll think that she’s shy or quiet person.. but if u know more bout her…….. owwww.. very crazyy!!

She look like mature girl.. look calm outside, crazy and ero inside~


*That’s all….*


9 thoughts on “She is..

  1. wohowww, boleh-boleh…
    hiks, nasib jadi yang paling bontot
    (taulah riin, aq emang anak bontot, hahahahaha)

    weei, ngembat darimana poto aq nyang itu????

  2. jiaah . ap mksd’a t ?
    kindergarten tchr ?
    ckckck .
    bole jg t .
    krjaan smpingan .
    hha 😀
    gek dirimu skola d teka ak iio . biar ak yg ngajar .
    eh awal’a bole la bgs tp trakhr’a mlh bunuh.bunuhan .
    ak bunuh bnrn gek ;D

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