Kochi~kochi~click This

Finally, one of my friend started liking NewS, especially Yamapi by watching His dorama, “kurosagi”.

She put this pict in her Blog:

and by that posting, she confess that she like Yamapi.

Jumping! my hardwork convicing them how great NewS are finally work.

you know it’s very hard to share bout NewS to my classmate, coz they’re not interested to east asia artist.

I spent half year for it. huwaaa, having lot of fangirl around makes me happy.

She is Tia~

haha, i have infected her..

now i will continue my work to my friend that i ever mention in my posting.

luckily right now they want to hear me when i tell them bout NewS.

Maybe they’ll started like NewS if i continue my Hardwork..




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