I’m Happy~

I’m Happy, because today i go home earlier.

We have a ceremony at the governor oFfice.

Today we celebrate “101 tahun Kebangkitan Nasional”

which mean National Day of resurrection.

Day where 101 years ago Budi utomo was formed.

Last year, Indonesia celebrated it in Gelora bung karno. and it was amazing!!

Like This:

i’m Happy because finally me and all of my classmate can took some picture together in my school  field!!

YAY!! On August, we will be in our senior year, thats why we want to get more closer each other.

In my class, it’s hard to go somewhere or  do something together.

and nowadays, we realize we have been together for 2 years (and will be 3 years next year). so we couldn’t like this till the end, or we will feel guilty.

I hope we will like this till the end..



One thought on “I’m Happy~

  1. but, you know what
    not all of the AKTIVIS wanna-be is the AKTIVIS wanna-be!!!
    yucks, i hate to remember it, but it’s so disgusting!!!
    that damn 3 students, aaarrrgh!!!

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