Hiatus T_T

Because of the end semester exam coming, i will be on hiatus till next week!!!
Wuaaaaaaa!!! Can i pass it? uh, can i manage my self not to touch the internet?? Coz it’s one of my life..
And exam is one of my life too!

Haha.. Btw, last friday my dad bought me a new cellphone šŸ™‚ yay!!! I’m happy.

this is how my new cellphone look like

but i still use my old cellphone. I love that cellphone.
So now, i’m using two cellphone with two different numbers of course.
I really like my new cellphone, i can online freely with it. And the web view from my new cellphone is really good!!
Hahaha, how can i keep concentrate to study for my exam if i play along the day with my new cellphone?

Whoaaa!! I Love my dad!! I love my mom..
thanks for all the things that u gives to me..

p.s: i wrote this entry using my new cellphone.. Zettai ureshii yoo!!


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