I’m tired

*Nisya back with bad grammar and spelling as usual..*

i’m tired of their comments..

hahaha! why it’s so hard to be a fangirl in real life?

um.. the major reason is, my classmate don’t have any interest with it (ok, most of them, but not all of them dislike it).

i understand why u are all dislike it, because u never see them performing.

but please stop giving any bad comments…

fyuuh~ i’m really tired of this.

they said that i’m really into it.

they said they hate it.

they said “OMG! my eyes will hurt if i see them!”..

they said, ” please change the music.. it’s disturbing my ears” when i played the song.

they siad,  “OMG! Nisya, nisya.. u really love them.. Tsk..Tsk.Tsk.. ur blog makes me shocked.. Argh! i need to go sooner or..” when they saw my blog

“OMG! Nisya, can you find someone else that look more manly? those guys just look like girls..”

They ever edited a picture of my friend’s fave boyband (lucky, that’s not NewS) and made it more look like a girl.


ENOUGH! I’m tired! i know they don’t like it, but can’t they just shut up?!

sometimes it really hurt me  when they said like that.

aaah, so, if i want to hear NewS’s song i should use my headphone.

if  i  use NewS’s picture as my cellphone wallpaper, should i change it when they wanna borrow my cellphone????

That’s why it’s really hard work to make them start liking NewS..

luckyly, the 5 girls who always hang-out with me (closest friends)  never do that again, coz they’re start to know more bout NewS.

bout how bout the others??

Finally, i’m getting tired.

Just leave them and don’t care what they’re saying.

Coz, it’s my world, i’ll decided what the best for me.

As long they will not saying anything (more) bad than they ever done..


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