my File book

School is oveeeer!!!!

Time for Holidaaay!

haha, i’m so happy because i will have holiday for a months 🙂

umm, it’s not relevant with holidays fever, but i want to post this..

the last day of exam week, i can’t keep concentrate to study,and getting bored,  so i just took some random picture.. i  took xome picture at 12.30 am..

hihihi, i alwasy start study at 11.00 pm and finish study at 3.00 am..

take a look at my File book^^

Hai' Pii~yaa~672

tegoshi and toma there^^

Hai' Pii~yaa~674

haha, it’s surrounded by my books

how can i study if the part of his body showed like this:

Hai' Pii~yaa~673

take a look at his part..

Ugh.. u maybe know what i mean :-p and it’s one of my reason can’t study properly. hihihi..

aah~ at that night i also took a picture of my most favorite manga with another stuff in front of it.

Hai' Pii~yaa~765

hehehe~ u can see my NewS CD. it’s Happy birthday Single and luckyly i got the Limited Edition one 🙂

there are my nail polish too.  I love polishing my nail^^

and a can of candy on the right side. It’s berries flavor.. when i bought it, i remember that one of my friend love this flavor^^

_That’s all about the last night of my exam week_


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