I Love it

Gosh~ i don’t know whether i’m a good fans or not..

i started to like Super Junior about 4  months ago (on April) after i watched arirang tv.

this video:

First time i saw it i said like this, “OMG~ They have too many members, how can their fans see them one by one and keep memorizing their name.. Hahaha! They’re too funny”

but, i i take all my words back after i saw their performance on that tv channel too.

Gosh!! i really Love their song, the “Sorry Sorry” one.

and after that i put their video in my cellphone and showed it to my friends.

and i never expected that my friends will like them, but… whoaaa~  the whole girls student in my class love it!! and my friend who always hiding her love to SuJu, started to show off (haha! i help her to express herself).

And the reason i said that i’m not a good Fans are:

  • i Love NewS very much! and for me NewS is the first;
  • I can’t remember all of their name, i only know 9 members :-P;
  • To be honest, i don’t like ShinDong (sorrrrrry~);
  • For now, i only watch their performance when they sing Sorry Sorry;

But~ I really, really, really love “Sorry Sorry”.

Always getting crazy and under control when i watch “Sorry Sorry” performance.

*today i bought their concert dvd:-)*

Maybe i’ll try to keep memorize their name and try to like all of their song.

but i’m not sure.

🙂 :-):-) :-):-) 🙂

*ignore my bad english*

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