aargh, too many rules

i’ve just enter an Indonesian forum discussion for NewS.

First time i joined, i think i will comfort to stay there.

but because there are too many rules that give by the moderator and administrator, i feel uncomfort to stay there.

all of the old member in that forum talk superrior, and they always interrupting other (new) member post.

even the new member had try their best to get close and mixed with the old member.

too many rules, too many members talk superrior, too many interrupting, less information, less discussion, can’t get much profit from it.

less plus, much minus

arrrrrrgh!! I think i should leave that forum asap.

i can’t mixed up with them, and they’re too arrogant to be friend. šŸ˜¦

i can’t find the word “member ai” in there~ x-(


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