what Happen with my country?

this morning around 7.55 Indonesia time , a bomb exploded in J.W. Marriot dan Ritz Carlton that located Mega Kuningan South Jakarta area.

This is not the first time J.W. Marriot Hotel fall to pieces by bomb.

and one of the President candidate speak-up about something.

urgh!! i hate this situation. what happen to my country?

There’re so many speculation about this bomb terror.

and there’s an article that said about  a conspiracy behind it.

But why???? i can’t understand , why that terrorist want to break their own country??

and by this bomb, MU can’t go to Indonesia to have soccer match with Indonesia all star, because their hotel has turn into pieces.

an article

here about Indonesia all star and MU


2 thoughts on “what Happen with my country?

  1. i feel bad about this situation. i hope this won’t be this bad okay.. hopefully it will b better =)

    hope u r in gud shape k. i don’t think that this is a terrorist attact. maybe just some controversy.

    hope u dun all fine kay babe… *hugs n kisses*

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