Nothing much to write  now.

-Lately, i’ve been addicted to SUPER JUNIOR~


My sister too.. We are getting very crazy when we watched any of  SuJu Performance 😀

*Aaah~ Nowadays, i was in my boring days.. Study, study, study, and study..

*Plus, My older sister left our city. She gonna stay in other province because  she passed the University entrance exam. huwaaa~ i’m soooo sad, start from  now, i don’t have fangirling friend in real life anymore..

—– Tomorrow I have chemistry End of Chapter test —–


–Aaah~ My Cousin came to my house,

and the atmosphere wasn’t good..

very  “awkward”. *gasp*–

*Last week, Me and my team won Bahasa Indonesia debating competition.

*We got the first place^^ Hahahaha!!! We are the Debaters!!

*we also won English Debating Competition on October last year.

but that time we only got the 3rd place^0^’

*ignore my bad english*

—i Miss my sister 😦 —


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