bye for now T__T

~will not update my blog about 6 months~

will leave all of my account in the internet T__T

sadly i have to say this..

even i’m not that active  updating my blog (this blog),

but i try hard to update my blog (with un-important post xDD)..

This year, i will graduate from my high school and enter university.

because of that, this year will be the busiest year.

That’s why i can’t update my blog and some of my account.

FYI, i will have “national examination” on March and this exam will determine whether i will graduate or not (of course i wanna graduate asap).

and after that national exam, i have to follow another university entrance exam.

-first exam is on April.

-the next exam is on June

-and the last is on July..

how stressing, isn’t it.

so~ for my future sake, i have to leave all of this.

bye-bye my blog for 6 months maybe~

bye-bye all of my account in internet~

bye-bye my fandom~

bye-bye all of my favourite star update 😦

bye~ bye~

-ignore my bad grammar


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