Well, Hello University life

On August the 3rd, I’m gonna be a freshman of Sriwijaya University *dance*

Faculty Of  Computer Science and majors of Informatics engineering.

LOLOLOL~ I can’t believe myself that I’ll become an engineer 😛

Well, that’s my dream, tho.. Become an Engineer..

By the way, I’ll move to other city because of it.

It’s Palembang..

I need to take 6 hours trip from my town to Indralaya, Palembang.

ke ke ke~ I’ll start a new life.. a college student life.

and live at there for about 4 years.

I’ll live in a house like a dorm, and sharing room with my friend.

Thanks God we have to enter same University, because she’s one of my besties (LOL… she’s my bandmate! xD~ Aaah.. I hope the other enter same univ too… but they don’t -_- ) ,  so it doesn’t matter if we share a room xD


University Life, Here i come 😀

-as usual, My english is FAILED xD-

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