A Late Post about Finals Weeks. Happy Holidays!


Just arrived at my home less than 48hrs ago.

Part of me is  glad that finals and this semester already end   ҉(‾▿‾҉) ҉(‾▿‾)҉ (҉‾▿‾)҉.

Yeah just like the title, it’s about my 7th semester’s finals week. And guess you already got that I’m  almost  a 4th years college student. Basically, this is the worst semester (so far, imo).

And for the finals weeks I’ve through, I can sum it up in these memes that I got from 9gag.

LOL thanks to 9gag, it made my day 😀

so, shall we check ’em out?

lol yeaah~ happy finals week to you too, effie.

I was bracing myself. but not tight enough, lol.

LMAO! I know you know what you already know about what I know to use my time wisely~

HA! This was really happen to me!! ; AA ; )

and exactly what I did after finals end last wednesday. Not a tube of ice cream. But I ate 3 sticks of ice cream  <//3

A quite true haiku about this semester. LMAO. kidding. not that bad.

Aaaaand when the holiday’s coming and it’s time to go back to homoetown, this jumper is what I really want right now.

LOL, who doesn’t want it? It can reduce the number of people who wants to ask you about these possible questions, right?

So… that’s some meme I got from 9GAG and somehow sums up my finals weeks this semester.

Happy Holidays! Don’t ever look back! What past is past. Let gone be by gone! LMAO! Peace out!


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