You are a gift …

You are a gift from Allah swt to your family.
If you weren’t there. Nothing would be the same.
No one could play your role better than yourself.
Be thankful to Allah swt because you are alive.

a thought for tonight, for me who’s going to hit 21 years old by the day after tomorrow.

for me who is always detest November and the day I was born. I should stop being like that, shouldn’t I?


Side character?

Being side character. No body want that place..
And me too..
I’m getting sick of side character that everyone gives me. Always be number 2.

And also i’m getting sick of being neutral side. Everyone always thinks that i’m an angel, but that’s definitely WRONG!

Anybody knows how does it feel?
Someone never blame you for something that happened even though you involved in that problem.

Forgive me! I can’t be your angel anymore. I want my own character and it’s not to be your angel.
Forgive for being the worst friend in this world… :’-(

This situation really hurt me….