About ‘rarerorurinrin’


First of all, welcome to my boring corner where I spent my boredom whenever I feel like.

Who is rarerorurinrin? The answer is definitely ME.

ME refers to Ayreine Nisya’ D, the precious daughter of my parents and  was born on  18th of Jumādā al-Ūlā, 1413 Hijri.

And, rarerorurinrin is a weird usename, huh? Because I made this when I was in my second year of high school, I can’t think any cool name.

Basically, I have “rinrin” as my nickname. So I thought I should include it and then i just put R in front of vocal alpabhet  a-e-o-u and rinrin as the ending of those a-e-o-u.

Thus, I invented this “rarerorurinrin” weird username.

As for now, I am a  student in a University somewhere in Sumatera – Indonesia. Most of the post here I posted using Bahasa Indonesia, so if you don’t understand Bahasa Indonesia any bit, so don’t bother to read it :]

but don’t worry, sometimes I wrote in English too.

Simply click this to get to know me more : flavors.me

Dan selamat membaca postingan postingan saya yang membosankan 😛


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