we Love camera

me and my friends took some picture when we were in break time at school.

getting tired with the lesson and all of the school stuff, we went to find something fun.

haha! Took  picture using web camera from my friend laptop and then we made gif using it.

just guess, which one is me?


Happy Birthday Azu-chan~♥

To my New Lovely Friend:

HapPy Birthday Azu-chan~♥

Hope we wiLl always keep in touch each other!!

May God Gives u aLl the beSt that he Has! 🙂

P.S : I’m not really great using PhotoShop but i hope u’ll like it


um.. these day i feel so bored.

i have holiday bout 10 days because of our senior having national examination so here i am, at home doing nothing..

and these day i’m not allowed to use internet, that’s why to killing the time i made some NewS gif randomly..

i made it from not-really-old video that i like^^ and also one from magazine..

*when i still amateur*


aah, this from a magz scans


(maybe the gif is very slow to move, but it still gif.. umm, depend on the net connection i think)


_i believe that some1 has made this image, but this one is purely i made by myself-

*haha i love this terminator, i  edited it a little.. just like sadako man version>_<, if sadako like this, i want him always disturbing me~♥*


*from vs Arashi~ aaah, tesshi… chuu me~♥*


*from hey hey hey when weeeek single*

-for massu i edited a little-      -i like kei-chan sneezing-

massu-ulang-ulang achoooooo

that’s all for now>_<

i gonna make shabake one~

thanks for ur attention:-)