A Late Post about Finals Weeks. Happy Holidays!


Just arrived at my home less than 48hrs ago.

Part of me is  glad that finals and this semester already end   ҉(‾▿‾҉) ҉(‾▿‾)҉ (҉‾▿‾)҉.

Yeah just like the title, it’s about my 7th semester’s finals week. And guess you already got that I’m  almost  a 4th years college student. Basically, this is the worst semester (so far, imo).

And for the finals weeks I’ve through, I can sum it up in these memes that I got from 9gag.

LOL thanks to 9gag, it made my day 😀

so, shall we check ’em out?

lol yeaah~ happy finals week to you too, effie.

I was bracing myself. but not tight enough, lol.

LMAO! I know you know what you already know about what I know to use my time wisely~

HA! This was really happen to me!! ; AA ; )

and exactly what I did after finals end last wednesday. Not a tube of ice cream. But I ate 3 sticks of ice cream  <//3

A quite true haiku about this semester. LMAO. kidding. not that bad.

Aaaaand when the holiday’s coming and it’s time to go back to homoetown, this jumper is what I really want right now.

LOL, who doesn’t want it? It can reduce the number of people who wants to ask you about these possible questions, right?

So… that’s some meme I got from 9GAG and somehow sums up my finals weeks this semester.

Happy Holidays! Don’t ever look back! What past is past. Let gone be by gone! LMAO! Peace out!


You are a gift …

You are a gift from Allah swt to your family.
If you weren’t there. Nothing would be the same.
No one could play your role better than yourself.
Be thankful to Allah swt because you are alive.

a thought for tonight, for me who’s going to hit 21 years old by the day after tomorrow.

for me who is always detest November and the day I was born. I should stop being like that, shouldn’t I?

not a good one, november.

it’s there, yet it’s not there.

It’s visible, somehow it’s invisible.

It may look crystal clear, but the truth is it’s as hazy as fog.”

It’s not a riddle, by the way.

Okay, I’m kidding. That’s a riddle, for whoever that will get the meaning of them.

My mind kinda messed up this night. The reason? maybe it’s because it’s november now.  I always have bad romance with november since 2010. FYI, I was born on November.  and since 2010, lot of bad things happened to me on november.  on 2010, I stayed up till dawn just to finish my assignment and wake up with massive headache, and only few people wish for my birthday. on 2011 I got a not-so-big and tearing problem, even my dad shed tears back then because of me. I never saw him like that before, and my mom never stop blaming herself about that problem. thus made us kinda forget about my birthday. and on last 2012 I got a major fail at the thing that i wanted like crazy. but 2012 wasn’t as bad as the last two years. And tonight, here I am, wondering what will happen this november. that’s why somehow, I got my mind messed up.

and the riddle above, came up from my kinda-messed-mind. Basically it aims for two object. A human and a thing.
the last sentences refers to a thing, while the first two are for a human. A human that distracted my mind since I dont know when. It keep appearing in my mind and for Allah sake, it disturbed me. And opening facebook worsened that condition.

Ohmergaad, I don’t know why I am so sad because it’s there but it’s not there and it’s visible but invisible. frustrating isn’t it?

I talk about my heart if you don’t get it, by the way.

it started on May, and a small convos between me and my mom triggered it all. It changed my vision and everything. and somehow, I dunno how, i got pushed into it.

And~ since it’s november and my birthday is coming closer, i couldnt help but hoping something good will happen (who wouldn’t hoping for good thing, anyway?) . something better than the previous years.  and ugh..holisit, I couldn’t help but hoping that invisible thing becomes really visible 😥

Actually, I really am not a type of girl who loves something love story, romantic things and etcetera etcetera. and this kind of feeling really annoyed me, I tell you.

i hate how my mind became like this -___- really.

it’s all because of november.


What am I talking about?!

what a trash xP



This evening, someone called me and we had a long convos. At first I was very happy with the convos until that someone (I will refer it as “J” ) brought up some topic I hate the most. it’s about one of my family member. The topic I want to get rid the most, and J brought it up. I am not hating J for it. I hate myself because I couldnt say something to defend. Not because I dont believe my family. It’s because I couldn’t talk back to J.

Basically, this topic woke up the grudge I’ve been trying to hold up till now.  I know, holding any grudge is no good. Mom nags me a lot about holding a grudge and trying to take an avenge are not good and only destroying myself. Holding grudges and want to take avenge are the nature of snakes. Mom said, if I still holding on to them, then I am as low as snake.

First thing that came up on my mind when me and J were talking is planning a revenge. I know I don’t have any power right now, but who knows what will happen in next few years? Yeah, I am as low as snake. it’s not the first time J talk bad about my family member. I am not blaming J. I am blaming myself for not standing in the front to defend my family.

Not long after I ended my convos with J, mom called me. and something slapped me on my face.

Allah swt won’t allow me to degrade myself as low as snake. That’s why Allah makes my mom called me right after I ended my convos with J, to wake me up and pull me out of my anger.

Allah has a plan for me and my family. Everything that happens in this world are not happening w/o Allah’s will.

Whatever story that J could come up with, it’s up to J. I will not hear anything bad about my family anymore. and I won’t believe it.


J can believe what J wanna believe.

and me too!

I just wanna believe what I want to believe. And I wanna see what I am willing to see. If we don’t believe our family member, then who would believe them and help them? I know my family that anybody else in this world. And I am more than willing to die or sacrifice myself for my family.

You can say whatever you want but Allah swt never sleeps. Only Allah and ourselves know better.

I might sound annoying, rude or bad and whiny, but whatever. i don’t live in this world only to hear about what people think about me and become what they want me to.

A Mere Thought, completely random

Time flies fast.

I ever read somewhere about the 7 minutes when we are dying. Disitu dikatakan kalo pas sakratul maut, dalam 7 menit, seseorang bakalan keinget lagi segala sesuatu that ever happened in their life, whether it’s about sadness, hatred, madness, hapiness, everything. Jadi yang bikin merinding itu ada kalimat penutup yang bertanya apakah sebenernya hidup kita ini sebenernya cuma the amazing 7 minutes yang kita alami pas dying itu? Karena life is very short, that’s why yang nulis artikel itu bikin pertanyaan kayak gitu di akhir artikelnya.

Anyway, ngomongin tentang kematian dan kehidupan, my family is in mourning these days because we lost our family member. Suami dari tante ku baru aja menghembuskan napas terakhirnya hari jumat september lalu di RS di pekanbaru. H passed away after suffering for about two days. umur emang ga ada yang tau selain Allah swt. One minute we laugh hard, another minutes? who would knows what will happen? kali aja bakalan ada pesawat jatoh diatap rumah pas lagi asik-asiknya ngorok, atau kali aja pas lagi jalan santai, ada mobil truk yang melenceng trus nabrak, atau tsunami atau gempa bumi or maybe when you sleep, Allah calls you.

Life’s short. spent it wisely.

Hidup manusia itu ibarat jarak antara adzan sama iqamat.

Way too short.

Dapet berita mengenai om aku itu ngebuat aku bener bener berfikir.


Random : Drama nih~ ( ̄ー ̄)

Aloha~ aloha 2012 ( ̄ー ̄)/

mumpung lagi ga ada kerjaan dan ga tau mau ngapain, jadi aku dari tadi sore ngelakuin blog walking, ke blog blog yang dulu pernah aku singgahin. Baca-baca-baca, jadi pengen ngepost juga, NAH masalahnya aku ga tau mau nulis apa.

Kalo ngecek lagi ke belakang belakang (blog ini) , aku baru sadar, kalo pas SMA tuh aku susah banget nge deskripsikan gimana kesehariannya (HAHA!). Dulu aku banyak banget ngeluhin a-b-c tentang gimana susahnya masa masa SMA yang dipenuhin dengan tugas dsb dsb, tapi kalo dilihat dan dipikir pikir, pas SMA itu adalah masa paling hedon seumur hidupku selama ini. Jadi nyesel dulu sering ngedumel tentang sekolah, padahal nikmatin aja dulu ya? Yaaah, siapa yang tau kalo pas udah kuliah bakalan kangen lagi masa-masa jadi anak nakal di bangku SMA.

Well, barusan cuma mukadimah aja sih. Intinya aku mau cerita tentang Drama Korea yang lagi aku tonton.

HAHA! dulu pas SMA aku dengan lantang bilang kek gini dengan temen-temen “Aku ga tertarik dengan Drama asia selain drama Jepang, apalagi drama korea yang panjang-panjang.” NUH-HUH! Suck that, Rin! sekarang doyan banget ngikutin drama korea, okay, scratch that. bukan doyan banget, aku ngikutin drama yang castnya aku doyanin doang, kalo drama galau sih, makasih deh. Tapi kalo dibandingin lebih doyan drama korea atau film korea, aku lebih milih FILM nya, karena lebih realistis.

By the way, perbedaan yang mencolok banget di drama korea dengan drama jepang itu ya, drama korea itu hampir semuanya (yang aku tonton nih ya, aku ga peduli lah dengan yang ga aku tonton, tapi most of all) si HERO nya itu anak orang kaya, ganteeng, trus cinta gila-gilaan sama HEROINE nya. Yang paling  kaga nahan ya itu, HERO nya anak orang kaya banget, keluarganya itu chaebol (bukan cebol ya, chaebol itu konglongmerat di Korsel).

Trus, most of drama, ada 4 orang yang terlibat cinta, misal nih : Si Mas A cinta dengan si Mbak B, Tapi cinta mereka dihalang oleh si Mbak C yang demen dengan si Mas A, sementara untuk pelarian, si Mbak B deket dan selalu di tolong dengan si Mas D kalo lagi ada masalah dengan si Mas B, dan Mas D itu miris banget cintanya ga disadari sama si Mbak B dan dia cuma bisa nerima dengan lapang dada pada akhirnya.

ATAU kayak gini :

si Mbak B itu awalnya malah cinta dengan Mas D, tapi karena cinta Mas B kuat banget ke dia jadi deh, tetep aja Mas D yang paling miris, seorang diri.

oke, itu random banget tapi kenyataan. TRUS Kalo drama korea itu karena mayoritas (mayoritas loh, mayoritas, not all) dramanya orang berduit ya jadi kita juga mupeng lihatnya, kan?

beda banget sama drama jepang, yang realistis banget kehidupannya ga muluk-muluk. Ga banyak drama jepang yang bikin HERO nya anak konglongmerat, dan konfliknya itu itu aja. Ceritanya variatif. TAPI, tapi entah kenapa (mungkin karena aku nya yang udah jarang ngikutin) drama jepang akhir akhir ini mulai mengecewakan. Ga kaya drama jepang yang pas tahun 2000-2009-an. ga tau deh…

Okay, selesai dengan blabbering tentang perbandingan drama (yang subyektif banget :P), biar post ini agak informatif sedikit, aku pengen nyeritain tentang drama yang lagi aku ikutin.

NAH aku lagi ngikutin 2 drama, yang hari Senin-Selasa itu drama :


Kalo ngomongin flower boy band, pasti dibayangin kalo mereka itu cakep (iyalah!) trus pada tajiiiiiir~

nah, beda banget dengan drama ini, FLOWER BOY disini emang cakep, tapi mereka sama sekali ga bisa dibilang tajir karena mereka cuma anak SMA dari keluarga biasa. Ada yang tinggalnya di atap rumah orang, ada yang tinggalnya di tempat billiard punya ortunya, ada juga yang ortunya cuma penyanyi di klub malam. Fokus cerita drama ini tentang anak muda yang ngejar mimpinya buat jadi Band yang beraliran Rock yang terkenal 😀

Tentu aja mereka punya rival, dan rivalnya itulah yang anak orang kayaaaa 😀 Pasti susah dong ya nantinya xD

trus si HEROINE nya bukan anak orang kaya, ayahnya baru bangkrut, jd dia miskin 😛 Tapi aku kurang sreg sama karakternya, soalnya sok imut, kurang tough gitu kesannya.

alasan aku ngikutin drama ini pertama karena ada LEE MINKI, walau cuma cameo 2 episode ( ̄□ ̄;) . Kedua karena drama ini ngingatin aku sama drama drama Jepang yang realistis 😀 Ga bermandikan kemewahan aja, ga ada tuh pake pake Jas keren, barang bermerk dan mobil bagus (kecuali rival mereka di drama ini).

bagus! aku suka lagu-lagunya so far. Paling suka lagu Jaywalking – BANG SUNG JOON. dia Leader band ini sekaligus vocalist. Googled it, you’ll like it xD

pas aku nulis ini posting, drama ini lagi masuk episod ke 7 😀


TRUSS,  drama kedua itu hari Rabu-Kamis :


Kalo ini drama saeguk, baru kali ini aku ngikutin drama saeguk. Drama ini ceritanya tentang perebutan posisi raja dan ratu lah pokoknya bagus, bikin gregetan! Tiap ending episod, aku gigit kuku soalny kesel bakalan nunggu lagi untuk episod selanjutnya.

Ceritanya bagus,, ratingnya tinggi banget, ga nyesel aku ngikutin dari beritanya pas mereka baru mulai baca script 😛

susah kalo diceritain disini, nonton aja langsung mendingan 😛

alasan aku ngikutin drama ini awalnya karena ada JUNG IL WOO, secara dia maen kocak banget di Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, jadi aku ikutin banget, taunya ada SOO HYUN juga disini. ga tau kalo akting si Soo Hyun disini nge gigit banget :3

di episode 5, aku nangis bombay! asli sedih. ceritanya dia kehilangan Crown Princess nya karna sakit. Pemeran-pemeran mereka pas yang cerita masa kecil pada jagoan banget dah! Chemistry nya dapet banget. aku jadi nge fans sama dua bocah cilik ini

Tapi secara jujur aku berpendapat kalo yang jadi HEROINE nya pas dewasa itu kurang memuaskan. Han Ga In (disini dia jadi heroine dengan nama Heo Yeon Woo), emosinya kurang dan berbeda banget dengan Yeon U pas anak anak, jadi feelnya kalo dia itu Yeon U kurang. Lagian Yeon U disini lebih muda 2 tahun daripada Lee Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) masa pas dewasa, Yeon U jadi jauuuh banget kliatan tua -__-

whatever, so far drama ini DAEBAK!

aku ga sabar nunggu episode 15 dimana Yeon U balik lagi ingatannya :3

googled this drama, I guarantee, You’ll like it xD~


Oke deh kalo gitu, itu drama yang lagi aku gandrungin banget. Ga kebayang kalo ntar itu drama udah tamat, semoga ada ganti yang lebih atau sama bagusnya dengan itu :3

semoga bisa jadi referensi menonton drama, ho ho ho     

ハハハハ (≧∇≦)人(≧∇≦) ブハハハ

bocah nakal = annoying living thing -__-

Two times in a row 😛

Well, everyone. tiga hari ini adalah hari yang paling sibuk, memuakkan, melelahkan dan juga menyedihkan yang pernah aku alamin. Trus juga aku menamai masa-masa sekarang ini dengan istilah The most GALAU month of the year! Oh ya, kegalauan dan kesibukan, dan kemuakan dan kelelahan dan kesedihan ini (kebanyakan dan 😛 )  ga akan berakhir sebelum November dan sea games berakhir -_-

jangan tanya kenapa dan jangan ingatkan kenapa tapi yang pasti aku muak membahasnya.

Bai de wei~ kayaknya tiga hari belakangan ini (jumat-sabtu-minggu) aku bener-bener lagi bad romance dengan yang namanya anak kecil X_____X)

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