Laskar Pelangi

A fenomenal movie from Indonesia.

and this movie is the only one Indonesian movie that nominated in asian movie awards 2008. even the movie can’t get the awards.

The real Indonesia film that gives u the reallity bout the knowledge in Indonesia, how Indonesia’s children try so hard to get the knowledge from their school building that almost collapse.

This is the real life of the author, Andrea Hirata.

The books become the most best-seller Indonesia art book in history.

And Indonesia’s President come to watch the movie too.

I will post the movie next time with english subtitle, but i need time.

Maybe when end semester holiday comes.

I want world watch this touching movie too.

But please still support this film by buying the DVD and the Books.

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Movie: CAPRES (Calo Presiden)

*forgive the bad grammar*

A new Movie bout election will release on 4th June 2009

The movie genre is bout politics. And Of course it’s inspired by the National Election in my country that will held on 5th July 2009.

I think this is good movie (even i haven’t watch it yet), coz it tells bout the election In Republik Mimpi in 2013.

the amazing thing from this film is Indonesia’s  Former President also took a part in here too. guess who?

Abdurahman wahid a.k.a GusDur is one of the star.

he doesn’t go forward as the candidate of president this year, maybe he wants to find another job because he can’t be the candidate of  President anymore.


Effendy Gazali, Kelik Pelipur Lara, Megakarti, Dwi Sasono, Sujiwo tejo, Catherine Wilson, Happy Salma

*Republik Mimpi is a parodi show on tv that first time aired in Indosiar, then it metamorph to be News dot com in Metro TV*

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