aargh, too many rules

i’ve just enter an Indonesian forum discussion for NewS.

First time i joined, i think i will comfort to stay there.

but because there are too many rules that give by the moderator and administrator, i feel uncomfort to stay there.

all of the old member in that forum talk superrior, and they always interrupting other (new) member post.

even the new member had try their best to get close and mixed with the old member.

too many rules, too many members talk superrior, too many interrupting, less information, less discussion, can’t get much profit from it.

less plus, much minus

arrrrrrgh!! I think i should leave that forum asap.

i can’t mixed up with them, and they’re too arrogant to be friend. 😦

i can’t find the word “member ai” in there~ x-(


TegoMassu, Tanabata Matsuri cover

Just playing around Johnny’s website and news_jpop community @ LJ, i Found this..

Gyaaaaaaa!!!! The Tanabata Matsuri cover is out..

after saw this cover… OMG i really want it..

but~but~ i have to choose and make priority scale in my life.. 😦

check it out..

_Limited Edition_                    _Regular Edition_

1bJECN0187.JB1A A_tu_3~6P-omote_finout

Johnny’s official website

OrdeR Now!!! (i want tooooooo, huwaaa~)

Ry0-chan at 24hrs tv

Since i’m in Ryo-chan mood i want to post this..

Niini no koto wasurenaide

The drama is titled “Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide” and is based on a book by writer Masumi Kawakami. Nishikido plays a young man named Keisuke Kawai, who aspired to become a physicist since he was young. His hopeful parents send him to an expensive college prep school, but at the age of 15, during his third year of junior high, he is diagnosed with a brain tumor. Told that he only has one year to live, he falls into despair, giving up on treatment and even lashing out against his own mother. Ultimately, with the support of his family, he struggles with the tumor for eight years before dying at the age of 23.

Keisuke’s younger brother will be played by Yamada, while his parents are played by Hitomi Kuroki (48) and Takanori Jinnai (50). Yumi Shirakawa (72) plays the grandmother.

“24 Hour Television” is going on the air on August 29-30. “Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide” will be broadcast on the night of August 29.

credit: sayaw16kimy@LJ wrote in news_jpop@LJ

official website

Clip from 24hrs tv

video credit: ogatayamato@yt

“Wuaaa~ i can’t wait for this..

First is Sousuke, and now is Keisuke~♥♥

Love both of them..

Keisuke kawai= Ryo-chan kawaii for me..

Gosh, I’m in Ryo-chan hyper mood coz i’m watching Last Friends..

his acting was very cooooool!!! don’t care what kind of person he played in

Last friends, Ryo-chan saigoooooo!!!!

to see him in high school uniform makes me getting wild..

wuaa, although he is 24 years old, he still looks coooooool using highschool uniform♥♥♥

I’m tired

*Nisya back with bad grammar and spelling as usual..*

i’m tired of their comments..

hahaha! why it’s so hard to be a fangirl in real life?

um.. the major reason is, my classmate don’t have any interest with it (ok, most of them, but not all of them dislike it).

i understand why u are all dislike it, because u never see them performing.

but please stop giving any bad comments…

fyuuh~ i’m really tired of this.

they said that i’m really into it.

they said they hate it.

they said “OMG! my eyes will hurt if i see them!”..

they said, ” please change the music.. it’s disturbing my ears” when i played the song.

they siad,  “OMG! Nisya, nisya.. u really love them.. Tsk..Tsk.Tsk.. ur blog makes me shocked.. Argh! i need to go sooner or..” when they saw my blog

“OMG! Nisya, can you find someone else that look more manly? those guys just look like girls..”

They ever edited a picture of my friend’s fave boyband (lucky, that’s not NewS) and made it more look like a girl.


ENOUGH! I’m tired! i know they don’t like it, but can’t they just shut up?!

sometimes it really hurt me  when they said like that.

aaah, so, if i want to hear NewS’s song i should use my headphone.

if  i  use NewS’s picture as my cellphone wallpaper, should i change it when they wanna borrow my cellphone????

That’s why it’s really hard work to make them start liking NewS..

luckyly, the 5 girls who always hang-out with me (closest friends)  never do that again, coz they’re start to know more bout NewS.

bout how bout the others??

Finally, i’m getting tired.

Just leave them and don’t care what they’re saying.

Coz, it’s my world, i’ll decided what the best for me.

As long they will not saying anything (more) bad than they ever done..


Nisya Kembali dari Musim Hiatus yang gak berarti (soalnya judul sebelumnya hiatus, tapi nge-net jalan terussss). Ujian bakal selesai besok. Dan Aku bebas untuk sementara!!!!

mau Cerita nih:

Umm.. beberapa bulan yang lalu aku menemukan hal ini.

hehehe, jangan dianggap serius dulu.

beberapa bulan yang lalu aku enter sebuah forum artis yang aku idolai (dalam hal in NewS), tapi aku lupa apa alamatnya dan aku lupa namanya apa.

yang pasti, ini bukan forum terkenal yang dikenal semua fans NewS.

sempat beberapa kali chatting dengan member yang ada disana.

aku tentunya seneng chatting dengan member yang suka Tegoshi (tecchaaaan~♥) juga.

Nah, yang namanya fans cewek-cewek itu biasa disebut fangirl(if i’m not mistaken).

beBerapa diantara mereka bilang gini waktu lagi chatting dengan aku, “aku off dulu ya..”

“Kenapa?” tanyaku habisnya waktu itu belum larut malam (waktu Indonesia)

“Ada pertandingan bola. Karena Tegoshi sukamain bola dan senang dengan bola, aku pastinya juga harus dong..” katanya dan dia pun pamit.

lalu ada lagi.. waktu chatting, aku kasih dia (orangnya beda)  gambar buatan tangan aku.

“uwaa.. makasih, lucu ya.. haha, aku nggak pandai ngegambar lho.. dia bilang.

“iya?” tanyaku memastikan.

“iya.. hehe, aku kan sama kayak Tegoshi.. nggak bisa ngegambar.” jawabnya.

keringat besar keluar dari pori-pori kulitku.

Rasanya kok mereka maksain diri banget ya?

Yang ada dipikran aku ya, misalnya mereka ketemu tegoshi beneran, trus gembar gemborin kalo mereka juga suka bola, dan (misalnya) respon tegoshi kayak gini

“aku senang kalian juga suka bola, tapi tolong jangan memaksakan diri untuk suka demi aku. Jadi diri sendiri aja” Hohohoho!!! aku bakalan ketawa lebar kalau tegoshi ngomong gitu ke mereka yang maksain diri buat suka..

trus satu lagi, misalnya di media Tegoshi bilang gini, Aku memang gak bisa Menggambar, tapi aku suka sekali dengan cewek yang pandai menggambar, dan gambar-gambarnya lucu-lucu dan terlihat bagus”

aku Bakalan ketawa sampai rahangku lepas kalau Tegoshi bener-bener ngomong kayak gitu, dan membuat para penggemarnya yang semula bilang nggak bisa gambar soalnya dia sama kayak Tegoshi yang nggak bisa ngegambar juga, buru-buru Les Gambar supaya bisa jadi cewek impian tegoshi.

Makanya.. kalau hal itu terjadi aku senaaaaaaaaang banget!!

biar Fangirl yang memaksakan diri itu kaget.

Aku juga seorang fangirl, dan aku suka Fangirling..

Tapi aku nggak pernah maksain diri aku buat sama kayak idola aku.

Just Be MySelf, and He’ll like me  whatever i am…


My Tegoshi Header~♥

i made new header for my blog..

u can see it now whenever you viewing my wordpress.

i really love it..

i know that i’m not really good at using PhotoShop, but that’s all what i can do it..

kyaaaa!! in My header, atashi no tecchan look so kawaiiii!!!

It’s tegomassu new single’s cover..

actually, massu is beside him, but gomen na massu~

This time, my “desk” only For atashi no Tecchan~



From now on, i love to say tegoshi’s name to be “Atashi no Tecchan~

And Sorry, i dont like any bad comment bout my idols..

wow~ see how innocent face that he has~♥

Go Tegoshiiiii!! atashi no tecchan~♥


Haha!! i Love tegoshi soooooo much~♥

and i like the way he talk bout akajin in K-Chan NewS last night..

i think akajin should get more reciprocation from atashi no tecchan~♥

I can’t get the idea why he disliking tegoshi, you know that my tegoshi is very cute, baka, ero and lovely..

i think that tegoshi doesn’t like to make any enemy.

One of my friend said that akajin surely jealous with tegoshi..

I’m sure that tegoshi doesn’t like to talk harsh thing to everyone.

He’s polite (in my opinion ~ nyiahahhaha!!)

He’s cute~

He’s mine~

My Prince~♥♥♥

icon credit :Kyuun@LJ