Henry’s suprised birthday party

Btw, i love Mochi here.. He looked cute and hot at the same time 😀

‘Genie for your wish, Genie for your dream’ ‘Sowoneul Malhaebwa!


poor him, got cake on his face

lucky him having 14 hyung(s)

cute him when he licked the cream

hot at the same time too

handsome toooo~<33

Oct, 15th 2009~♥♥

btw, donghae looked really cute too in that video


pic spamming

These days, me and my friends started to miss kibum and kangin a lot! OMO! we want they back and has activity with suju member again..

aah~ i also found this picture when googling xDD

this man:

Kim_Ki_Bum (78)

became this :


And Then, now all of my tweet and my plurks are full with “henry” words.. lol, i really like his cheek. sooooo cute!!

HenMochi pic spamming 😀




And How i really Like Them~♥♥

even donghae love to touch him..




This time i would like to show you what was my cat (his name’s Kuro) doing when i’m sleeping..

my sister take this picture 😀

Hai' Pii~yaa~2037

Hai' Pii~yaa~2036

Ok~ just forget bout it.. 😛


Henry! i love your English♥

i just saw SM Global Audition Message by Henry and SJ-M.

Oh my god! His english is damn good!!

LOL, indeed. Coz he was born in Canada.  And my eyes can’t take away from him these days.. huhu.. my Mochi~♥♥♥

2008 S.M Entertainment Global Audition (Henry)

2009 S.M. Entertainment Global Audition



he’s not just cute, but also HOT!!



mochimanisC.U.T.E + H.O.T = HENRY~♥

I’m Crazy of  Henry right now… Uwaaa!

Fell in love because his cuteness and his hotness.

and i also i admire his English very much 😀

Super Junior-M new MV, I love it!!

Yaaaaay!! Finally Their full version MV is out!


*This Hot guy~ I Hate him, why he’s soooo HOT!

argh! I LOVE HIM :-D*

Gosh~ I like their step at the MV.. Donghae looks very hot! .

Some screencaps..








And Here is The MV (prepare ur self, coz they’re awesome and HOT, haha!)


aaah~ i Also made some gifs..

-2 Donghae’s part

waaaw~ I found ya~♥

Thanks God, he has lot of cut in front of the camera..xD

-2 random ^^

I Like Kyuhyuns smile here.. awww~ hankyung is cute too

I Like Kyuhyun's smile here.. awww~ hankyung is cute too

Hottest Part~♥

Hottest Part~♥

That’s all..

SJ-M~ aaah, what a beautiful day~♥♥

i want SuJu and Donghae more and more 😀

rambut si teukie

aku tahu kalo dia make model rambut ini udah lama.

tapi tetep aja, kalo lihat gambarnya, dia lucu banget.

dan lagi, ini kali pertama aku lihat rambut teukie yang kayak gini dari samping.

uwaaaa~ lucuuuuuuu~♥♥

teukie's hair

kira kira dia kuncir sendiri itu rambut atau enggak ya?

kayaknya kebanyakan hair spray tuh.. tegang gitu..

apapun, Teukie tetep lucuuuuuu dengan rambut itu:-D

picture credit: miss scarlett@soompi