TegoMassu, Tanabata Matsuri cover

Just playing around Johnny’s website and news_jpop community @ LJ, i Found this..

Gyaaaaaaa!!!! The Tanabata Matsuri cover is out..

after saw this cover… OMG i really want it..

but~but~ i have to choose and make priority scale in my life.. 😦

check it out..

_Limited Edition_                    _Regular Edition_

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Johnny’s official website

OrdeR Now!!! (i want tooooooo, huwaaa~)


My Tegoshi Header~♥

i made new header for my blog..

u can see it now whenever you viewing my wordpress.

i really love it..

i know that i’m not really good at using PhotoShop, but that’s all what i can do it..

kyaaaa!! in My header, atashi no tecchan look so kawaiiii!!!

It’s tegomassu new single’s cover..

actually, massu is beside him, but gomen na massu~

This time, my “desk” only For atashi no Tecchan~



From now on, i love to say tegoshi’s name to be “Atashi no Tecchan~

And Sorry, i dont like any bad comment bout my idols..

wow~ see how innocent face that he has~♥