A Late Post about Finals Weeks. Happy Holidays!


Just arrived at my home less than 48hrs ago.

Part of me is  glad that finals and this semester already end   ҉(‾▿‾҉) ҉(‾▿‾)҉ (҉‾▿‾)҉.

Yeah just like the title, it’s about my 7th semester’s finals week. And guess you already got that I’m  almost  a 4th years college student. Basically, this is the worst semester (so far, imo).

And for the finals weeks I’ve through, I can sum it up in these memes that I got from 9gag.

LOL thanks to 9gag, it made my day 😀

so, shall we check ’em out?

lol yeaah~ happy finals week to you too, effie.

I was bracing myself. but not tight enough, lol.

LMAO! I know you know what you already know about what I know to use my time wisely~

HA! This was really happen to me!! ; AA ; )

and exactly what I did after finals end last wednesday. Not a tube of ice cream. But I ate 3 sticks of ice cream  <//3

A quite true haiku about this semester. LMAO. kidding. not that bad.

Aaaaand when the holiday’s coming and it’s time to go back to homoetown, this jumper is what I really want right now.

LOL, who doesn’t want it? It can reduce the number of people who wants to ask you about these possible questions, right?

So… that’s some meme I got from 9GAG and somehow sums up my finals weeks this semester.

Happy Holidays! Don’t ever look back! What past is past. Let gone be by gone! LMAO! Peace out!


you guys.


yes you guys.

as time flies, I didn’t notice until now you guys are ❤

maybe it’s because I was too busy whining or comparing.

but time discovered everything that was covered by dust, every seconds, every minutes, every hours, one by one.

thus sometimes, people realized something a little bit later than they should realize.

but, in the end,  they realized it anyway.

and me too.

and now I just realized, my affection towards you guys are grew bigger each day 🙂

I meant it. sincerely. My affection to you guys are bigger than usual now.

and I was too stupid to ignore your kindness to me and I was too busy comparing too.

anyway, i won’t do that anymore.

Because every little things in the world are unique, and none of them deserves to be compared with something that completely different from them.

I love you guys.

sincerely from my heart and my brain ❤

p.s : have a guess in your mind, these ‘guys’ referred to whom. kay ? 😉

You are a gift …

You are a gift from Allah swt to your family.
If you weren’t there. Nothing would be the same.
No one could play your role better than yourself.
Be thankful to Allah swt because you are alive.

a thought for tonight, for me who’s going to hit 21 years old by the day after tomorrow.

for me who is always detest November and the day I was born. I should stop being like that, shouldn’t I?