you guys.


yes you guys.

as time flies, I didn’t notice until now you guys are ❤

maybe it’s because I was too busy whining or comparing.

but time discovered everything that was covered by dust, every seconds, every minutes, every hours, one by one.

thus sometimes, people realized something a little bit later than they should realize.

but, in the end,  they realized it anyway.

and me too.

and now I just realized, my affection towards you guys are grew bigger each day 🙂

I meant it. sincerely. My affection to you guys are bigger than usual now.

and I was too stupid to ignore your kindness to me and I was too busy comparing too.

anyway, i won’t do that anymore.

Because every little things in the world are unique, and none of them deserves to be compared with something that completely different from them.

I love you guys.

sincerely from my heart and my brain ❤

p.s : have a guess in your mind, these ‘guys’ referred to whom. kay ? 😉